For smaller runs which have to be produced quickly in high quality, we recommend our digital printing for sheet-fed products or label rolls. Do your products need to be customised or personalised? Then we will print them digitally for you.


Adhesive films, plate materials, fabrics and displays are just a few examples of digital sheet-fed printing. Digital printing can of course also be used in combination with other printing processes and special finishes.


Our digital printing process for label rolls is suitable for the production of small runs for trade fairs and cost-effective branding productions. Apart from paper and plastic, we also print silver materials with a white substrate, producing extremely elegant metallic effects. As a special finish we can coat with a matt or gloss varnish – shapes are no problem – or we can laminate.

A special highlight in our digital printing range is the production of personalised labels. You provide us with a list of names and we use it to produce your individual and personal labels. Not only can the text be modified in this process but also pictures and photos. This is a great idea for personalised marketing. This allows you to address your customers directly and emotionally and build a stronger relationship.


Inkjet technology can be used to customise standardised printed items. Titles can be applied here with first names and surnames, addresses, codes, numbers, barcodes and more. This is ideal for your mailing projects.