Drip-off coatings

Drip-off coating is a special finish using a mat-gloss coating which is done in a single print run through the machine. It results from the tendency of two different inks to separate and gives your advertising materials a very special effect.


This mailshot card is printed on an FSC-certified material and has some special finishes on the inside: Silver-foil laminated with a shaped offset white, glazed offset inks which emphasise the shiny metallic effect and a brilliant drip-off coating. The smart thing about this mailshot card is that it was produced in just a single printing process!

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This mailshot is printed on a cardboard laminated with a silver foil. As a special finish, we have applied a soft-touch coating and a drip-off varnish. A cool grille!

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Making an impression at the PoS is paramount these days. So product packaging has to make a big impact. But appearance isn't everything – how things feel is also important. Product packaging must appeal to the senses to encourage a purchase.

Here we have developed four folded boxes made of plastic, aluminium laminated cardboard, white cardboard and lenticular film. All four of them stand out thanks to unique features such as spot printing, soft-touch coatings, silver, drip-off coatings, scented coatings, and more.

FEEL, SMELL, EXPERIENCE for yourself and ask us for a sample!

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