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We have a wealth of good ideas that will help draw shoppers' eyes to your products at the point of sale (PoS). If you wish we can even develop brand new advertising materials that are fully customised to meet your needs. Discover the wide range of promotional options.


This label roll is given a special finish in a single printing process via a gossamer-thin soft-touch film. It thus has a very special feel and appearance. The label feels velvety, has a premium, matt appearance and is well protected from moisture and oil via the soft touch film.

Our tip: This label has a printed adhesive on its back which is ideal for transparent bottles.

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This mailshot card is printed on an FSC-certified material and has some special finishes on the inside: Silver-foil laminated with a shaped offset white, glazed offset inks which emphasise the shiny metallic effect and a brilliant drip-off coating. The smart thing about this mailshot card is that it was produced in just a single printing process!

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This mailshot is printed on a cardboard laminated with a silver foil. As a special finish, we have applied a soft-touch coating and a drip-off varnish. A cool grille!

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For a concert hall we were permitted to liven up a book cover with a lenticular picture. Working together with the customer, a zoom motif was created. To produce an even more exclusive effect, we laminated the transparent lenticular material with a mirror film. This produced an amazing book cover!

We of course have printed samples we would be happy to send you.

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This mailshot card has a few special features. We have printed an aluminium-laminated cardboard and then added a matt cellophane coating, a glitter ink and a relief ink.

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The spot coating on this matt cellophane-coated item adds value to this invitation. This is a popular promotional item for customer communications.

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