Special effect inks

To give products that certain something, the range of CMYK, HKS or Pantone colours is often not sufficient. We offer you a series of special effect inks which open up interesting options for you: Scratch-off inks, photochromic inks, phosphorescent inks, heat-sensitive inks, water sensitive inks and scented coatings are just a few of the effects we offer.


We applied the disappearing white in part using screen printing. It shows just a hint of the motif, only revealing it completely on contact with water. As soon as the disappearing white is dry again, it loses its transparency. It’s a great effect for things like invitations, mailshots or, as here, for envelopes.

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Have your advertising work in the dark too. Our phosphorescent stickers are ideal for signs, direction signs and other advertising materials which should also be visible at night. They can be used for discos, pubs, outdoor events, and much more.

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This mailshot uses several luminescent colours so it immediately grabs your attention. This doesn’t just shine in the day, it also radiates at night thanks to a phosphorescent colour. We would be happy to send you some samples – just get in touch with us.

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Making an impression at the PoS is paramount these days. So product packaging has to make a big impact. But appearance isn't everything – how things feel is also important. Product packaging must appeal to the senses to encourage a purchase.

Here we have developed four folded boxes made of plastic, aluminium laminated cardboard, white cardboard and lenticular film. All four of them stand out thanks to unique features such as spot printing, soft-touch coatings, silver, drip-off coatings, scented coatings, and more.

FEEL, SMELL, EXPERIENCE for yourself and ask us for a sample!

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Here you can see various A4 sticker sheets with shaped cut-outs. These stickers are coated with shrill colours that luminesce in daylight and a very iridescent, screen-printed silver. We have produced these sticker sheets from a peel-off decal film in transparent and white and from a removable white and transparent PVC.

Our tip: These are ideal give-aways at trade fairs and events.

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A secret message which only becomes visible through the effect of heat? That is no problem with heat-sensitive ink from a screen print. This laminated postcard is equipped with an additional sticker and thus becomes a sandwich postcard. This sticker with heat-sensitive ink can be peeled off and glued onto a radiator and a new message will appear. This is ideal for sales promotions!

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