Shelf advertising

Over half of all decisions to buy are made directly at the PoS. With skilfully designed shelf advertising you can direct your customers' attention directly to your products and improve your sales figures.


This shelf rocker was supposed to be “bomb-proof” but easy to remove, leaving no traces. An interesting challenge! For this we used special high-performance glue dots with exactly these characteristics.

Our tip: The adhesive dots are weather-proof and temperature-resistant, so they are suitable for outdoor use.

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Shelf panels are a popular means of shelf promotion to make products on the shelf easier to spot. A shaped cut and the coloured design often ensure the required attention-grabbing effect.

Our tip: This shelf panel has a high-performance adhesive dot on its underside to prevent slipping. The unusual aspect of these adhesive dots is that they have high initial adhesion but can then be removed without trace. They are weather-proof and temperature-resistant so they are suitable for outdoor use.

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We have fitted a flashing red light-emitting diode to the shelf rocker. No one can ignore that!

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Shelf rockers, also called shelf stoppers of shelf wobblers, are used to carry advertising messages, show prices or decorate shelves and counters. This grabs the attention of your customers and puts your product centre stage.
Our tip: Shelf rockers are made of a transparent plastic material, making the base more or less invisible.

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This shelf "stopper" is dynamic due to a special spring with two adhesive surfaces. On shelves, doors and tills it will swing in all directions following the slightest movement. The lenticular material used adds even more impact to this as the motif changes as customers walk past. This active shelf rocker will certainly attract the attention of your customers at the PoS.

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